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What is Korrex Pack


The term “korrex pack” can have different meanings. On one hand, it is, as a rule, a plastic package for food having a certain number of cells for piece confectionery goods – chocolates mainly. On the other hand, the term can be identified in a more common sense, and then korrex pack is a type of packaging, which can be applied for, literally, anything, from pre-packed salads to perfumery products.

In this case, the “korrex packs” will be used in its narrow sense, for the avoidance of confusion in the terms, including various types of packaging units (for example, korrex packs and trays). At that, korrex packs (the end product of containers and packaging manufacturing) are referred to the hard plastic packaging, i.e. those keeping their original shape under the external mechanical stress.

Korrex packs are most frequently applied in the packaging of cakes and pastries, chocolates, cookies and biscuits, marshmallow and other confectionary items. The extensive use of korrex packs in domestic confectionary industry has begun in the early 90s, when it was necessary to offer customers not only the domestic goods of similar quality, but also the equivalent, and even better, packaging, in order to compete with foreign confectionary goods.

In addition, the requirements for external design of the packaging are especially high in the confectionary sector namely, taking into account its specific character (the products are often purchased as a present, as part of the festive decoration).

This is usually the packaging for small multiple units. The outer box can be made of paper, cardboard with graphic art objects, plastics; and inside this box, there is a korrex pack to which directly the packaged good is placed. Slots for the items in the korrex pack ensure fixation of the products, their safety; render the items marketable state due to the volume design and certain positioning in the field of the korrex pack.

Distinguishing features of the korrex packs are:

  • artistic design;
  • customized design;
  • high requirements for physical-and-mechanical characteristics;
  • the presence of separating membranes;
  • the capability to ensure stability of the product under external impacts due to some special elements of the cell.

As a result of consideration given to these properties, it becomes clear that one of the peculiar features of korrex packs specifically is the customized artistic solution in each individual case, which frequently results in the fact that the package virtually becomes integral with the product. As of today, the peculiarities of various types of korrex packs can be described by several categories: design, price and usability.

Korrex Company will not only give consideration to your wishes about the packaging, but will also design it based on the progressive trends and solid experience.

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