Логотип Коррекс

Sushi and Maki Rolls Korrex Packaging

Коррексы для упаковки суши и роллов

For sushi and maki rolls delivery, the most convenient are the special disposal containers made of plastics. They are also known as lunch-boxes and used to pack lunch for school or work. They are rather hermetic thanks to special covers with buttons. The containers can be of a different capacity – both small ones for small portions, and big ones for large sets.

The configuration of Korrex packs for rolls also provides for separate sections for wooden chopsticks, spices, and sauces. Korrex packaging makes it possible to keep the rolls undisturbed – after all, the way food looks like also influences over appetite. Apart from that, sushi in a transparent package look rather good, and the consumers can see through it what kind of rolls exactly is there, which helps them to choose food by its appearance. If the package is good-looking and convenient, the consumer will buy your product choosing among all the others, while the competition is high on the market.

Apart from that, Korrex packaging for sushi has the following benefits:

  • A wide range of shapes and colors. You can choose a size you need, as well as the number of sections in a container.
  • High strength that will keep saving the product during long transportation.
  • Multiple opening and closing capability – this may be useful if the portion is too big.
  • Fixing pins on the cover preventing the pack from accidental opening.
  • Capacity for product labelling – it is possible to attach your company’s logo and brand name to the flat upper flat part.
  • The ability to keep sushi and maki rolls fresh for five days without using special preservatives, thanks to the vacuum atmosphere inside and bacterial growth resistance.
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