Логотип Коррекс

Handy Confectionary Packaging Usage

Упаковка для кондитерских изделий

Today, food packaging made of plastics is widely-spread in commerce. Such packaging is used for packing-up immense amount of food items.

Quality confectionary package ensures to the product its:

  • sanitary quality;
  • merchandise appeal;
  • long-term storage.

Confectionary packaging is handy and convenient. It is made of light materials ensuring the freshness of all the products. The manufacturers of sweets of all shapes and sizes have appreciated the actualness and consumer properties of plastic confectionary packaging at their true value long time ago. Such type of their products appearance exactly is completely adequate for customer needs.

Plastic confectionary packaging is made of a special polymeric film through the use of thermal vacuum forming technology.

Korrex is one of the most popular units used in the manufacturing of confectionary packaging. It helps to find solutions for quite a wide range of tasks, both in single- and in multiple-unit packaging of goods. Such packaging:

  • gives attractive appearance to the goods;
  • protects the goods from counterfeiting;
  • ensures wrapping to be technologically simple;
  • performs a transportation function, etc.

Korrex packaging is used to pack cakes, cupcakes, pies, Tiramisu, sponge-cakes, pastry and other patisserie products.

They are most frequently applied in the wrapping of chocolates, fruit jelly candies, marshmallow, cookies and others.

Korrex packs are the most “out of the box” plastic packaging. For their production the full range of colors can be used: from transparent and white, to brown and black; from fake metal - silver or golden – to blue, yellow, and red.

Korrex packaging can be made in the full range of shapes:

  • circle;
  • oval;
  • square;
  • triangle;
  • rectangle.

As well as N-shaped or heart-shaped. The surface of Korrex packaging can both be made with the scoring of all kinds (screen, shagreen), and smooth. We can make the corners of the Korrex packs rounded or leave them acute. The corners are usually rounded off, when the chocolates are wrapped with a film, not packed with a cardboard, in order to keep the package integrity.

We can put on the Korrex package a customer’s logo, any text, any image. The cases when sweets are in little demand because of the unappealing packaging are met frequently. There also exists the other extreme, when the quality and exterior of the packaging are placed above the quality of the good itself. The manufacturers of Korrex packaging make it their mission to create such packaging that will be nice to look at for the product that will be nice to taste it.

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