Логотип Коррекс

Egg Packaging

Упаковка для куриных яиц

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?! That is the eternal question, to which there is still no answer. One thing only is clear, that they go together.

Chicken eggs are commonly used as a food product in human life. At that, this product is one of the simplest, affordable and healthy ones. Therefore chicken eggs are so desirable in the diet of the people living a healthy lifestyle.

There is often the “chicken eggs” line in our shopping lists. In the past, we were taking a polyethylene bag and counting out the necessary number of eggs (usually “the ten”) in the grocery store ourselves. With the development of food industry, the number of poultry farms was growing, and so were consumer requirements for the offered goods. Consumers are not ready to put those notorious “ten eggs” into the bag themselves. The eggs should be packed – nicely packed, sorted out, and fairly priced.

At present, consumer decision about what egg brand to choose is influenced by the egg package by 50%. Our Company produces containers for all the egg sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) offered by poultry farms to the present-day customers.

In the manufacturing of korrex packs for eggs, we use the film of natural polystyrene, which makes it possible to ensure the eggs safety, to cut the end-product price (as contrasted with the cardboard package), and allows consumers to visually estimate the quality of the eggs offered to them.

Our company offers 10-unit packaging for the eggs of S, M, and L size, 15-unit packaging for the eggs of XS, S, M, and L size, as well as the exclusive for Russia 6-unit container for the eggs of XL size (premium quality eggs weighing more than 75 grams).

Plastic korrex egg packaging offered by our Company can be produced in color, which will give the opportunity to identify the product of your poultry farm among others on grocery shelves. Possessing the up-to-date equipment from the European manufacturers, the Korrex Company is able to provide solid supply of plastic egg containers labeled in accordance with your design.

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