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Упаковка для мягкого сыра на 180 грамм

Availability of the up-to-date equipment allows the Korrex Company to carry out challenging projects in the development and production of packaging for soft-ripened goat cheeses. Having the experience of manufacturing package materials for such soft-ripened cheeses as Bûche de Chèvre and Valencay, we are ready to become the reliable partner to implement your ideas relating to cheese packaging.

Nonetheless, we can offer the alternatives from amongst the variety of the batch manufactured products. Our UT-84, UT-86, and UT-65 items suit perfectly for hard and semi-hard types of cheese, such as Gouda, Parmesan, Edamer, Emmental, and Cheddar.

Before the Western sanctions and consequent Russian countermeasures were imposed, Russian cheese market was rather strong: the consumption was increasing systematically together with the growth of human well-being. Thus, in 2013, i.e. during the last pre-sanction year, cheese consumption reached 850.5 thousand tones. Slightly over 40% of that amount accrued to the products from Russian manufacturers. The rest of the demand was satisfied depending on imports from abroad.

Since 2014, Russian in-house cheese manufacturing has been growing, and it has reached the point of approximately 600 thousand tons a year. In 2016, the share of Russian products in the market was estimated at 73.1%. Especially dramatic was the rate of growth of hard and semi-hard cheeses of the most popular categories – Kostromskoy, Poshekhonskiy, and Rossiyskiy brands.

In 2017, elite cheeses began to appear on grocery shelves in Russia. Such types of cheese include, for example, Maasdam, Brie, Camembert, Parmesan and other regional specialties.

The role of these cheeses packaging in the product promotion is huge. Our Company is prepared to offer unique polymeric packaging for cheese of any type. We will take into account all the requirements imposed on design, strength properties and the ventilation system of the korrex pack in the process of the package manufacturing. Polymeric packaging will give the opportunity to present your cheese to customers to the utmost and ensure its safety.

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