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The field of plastic package application is really boundless. In the early days of Korrex Company’s activities, consumers were only getting accustomed to the korrex chocolate trays and plastic mannequins for underwear demonstration. But today, a huge assortment of food items is being packed into transparent plastic boxes, lunch boxes and trays.

It is tough to imagine manufactured goods without blister packs and underplates. In this section, we have gathered the information about some types of packaging, and also provided more details about the feed processing methods and package manufacturing.

Биоразлагаемая упаковка

Biodegradable packaging

We offer a unique opportunity to supply your goods: production of necessary packaging from biodegradable plastic of new generation. Show your customer that your product is truly eco-friendly.
Упаковка для мягкого сыра на 180 грамм

Cheese Packaging

Availability of the up-to-date equipment allows the Korrex Company to carry out challenging projects in the development and production of packaging for soft-ripened goat cheeses. Having the experience of manufacturing package materials for such soft-ripened cheeses as Bûche de Chèvre and Valencay, we are ready to become the reliable partner to implement your ideas relating to cheese packaging.
Упаковка для макарун

Macaroon Packaging

Recently, there has been a significant amount of interest in a new desert named Macaroon (also known as a Macarons). Two meringue-based sandwiched cookies with butter cream, chocolate or ganache in-between can make a day for any person having a sweet tooth. Any Pastry Chef seeks to add something new into the Macaroon recipe, to surprise with a variety of tastes, colors, and sizes of that desert.
Упаковка для сэндвичей

Sandwich Packaging

Rush tempo of modern living and high level of community commitment has turned millions of people onto the industry of fast food, and a preference is increasingly frequently given to fast food outlets. Vending has become widely practiced in the world as a convenient way of trading. Eating fast food is handy and even tasty!
Коррексы для упаковки суши и роллов

Sushi and Maki Rolls Korrex Packaging

For sushi and maki rolls delivery, the most convenient are the special disposal containers made of plastics. They are also known as lunch-boxes and used to pack lunch for school or work. They are rather hermetic thanks to special covers with buttons.
Упаковка для кондитерских изделий

Handy Confectionary Packaging Usage

Today, food packaging made of plastics is widely-spread in commerce. Such packaging is used for packing-up immense amount of food items.
Упаковка для куриных яиц

Egg Packaging

At present, consumer decision about what egg brand to choose is influenced by the egg package by 50%. Our Company produces containers for all the egg sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) offered by poultry farms to the present-day customers.

What is Korrex Pack

The term “korrex pack” can have different meanings. On one hand, it is, as a rule, a plastic package for food having a certain number of cells for piece confectionery goods – chocolates mainly. On the other hand, the term can be identified in a more common sense, and then korrex pack is a type of packaging, which can be applied for, literally, anything, from pre-packed salads to perfumery products.


Polymeric trays, containers and disposable tableware made of thermoplastic sheets for food items have become very popular recently. Almost all of those trays, as well as such large-sized items as store signs and displays, are made by means of the thermoforming technology.
Упаковка как атрибут бренда

Packaging as a Brand Attribute

Packaging, currently, is not just a measure of a product protection against external influences, but the direct way of communication with the customer.
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