Логотип Коррекс

Our Team

Korrex Company team counts more than 150 qualified employees, including setup technicians, production line operators, extrusion specialists, accountants, managers, etc.

The Company leading experts have completed internships in highly developed corporations in the USA, Germany and Japan, which made it possible to arrange the closed manufacturing cycle of packaging, tare and other plastic ware production.

Business Director

Many of our clients are the large-scale food manufacturers, for which the accuracy and good timing of procurement are important, and the packaging is a strategic tool in the competitive struggle. Knowing that, we endeavor to remain a reliable supplier for many years, placing strategic partnership ahead of the hit-and-run strategy.

Head of Sales

Our Company is engaged in the manufacturing of plastic packaging of various directions. Each segment constitutes a part of the well coordinated and smooth performance of the entire enterprise.

At present, the products manufactured by the Korrex Company can be met throughout Russia and even in near foreign countries. We keep constant communication with our customers despite the UTC time offsets. We try to hear the voice of each of our clients, and we are ready to release any kind of packaging that meets not only the progressive demands of a customer, but the requirements of the regulatory agencies as well.

Designing Engineer

A huge emphasis is here placed on the new package project design. Introduction of a new item to the market is only possible after the hard work of the Design Engineering Department is complete. And successful implementation of the ideas is greatly determined by the attention to details. When creating a new package, we are trying to take into account the up-to-date trends, technical peculiarities and, certainly, the customer’s preferences.

Despite the challenging character of a new item development stage, we carry out our work promptly, in order to meet the deadlines discussed with the customer. There are three possible reactions to the designed packaging: “Good”, “Bad” or Wow! The “Wow!” is the one you have to strive for.

Shipments Accountant

In its work, every organization faces the necessity of execution of the accounting source documentation. The reliability of accounting statements depends directly on the quality of the prepared document. Therefore, each and every accounting source document is made in compliance with the established rules and regulations.

Year by year, electronic document flow (EDM) is becoming more and more popular as the way of receiving and sending the documents. In our company, such system of the source documents transmission is implemented. This allows our clients to avoid office visits, makes the source documentation flow faster, and optimizes the document communication with tax authorities.

Head of Quality Assurance

The responsibility of the Quality Assurance unit comprises the system of multiple-stage quality control over both the inward raw materials and output product within the strong collaborative relationship with the Chief Manufacturing Engineer, we are continuously working on the improvements of packaging production forms aimed at the enhancement of the packaging quality.

Regular professional development of the Quality Assurance officers makes it possible to release products, that satisfy all the moderns’ trends existing in the market of plastic packaging.

Head of Production

For some time, the land was the determinant factor of production, then, it was the capital. Today, the determinant factor is a human and his/her knowledge. Under my supervision, the areas of raw materials and finished products delivery, assembling, shipment and storage are arranged. Loading and shipping schedule, allowing to plan efficiently the warehouse operation, to batch the orders reasonably in advance, and to observe the priority of the planned shipments, is elaborated on a monthly basis.

Production Foreman

Our Company has built up the online ordering system at the place of production, which affords an opportunity to schedule the operations of thermoforming lines in advance. The area of my responsibility implicates the monitoring of the manufacturing technological processes, as well as drawing-up the polymeric raw material requisitions. Proper execution of these processes allows providing in-time manufacturing of the required goods.

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