Логотип Коррекс

Our manufacturing facilities

Korrex Company produces various types of packaging and storage containers on the base of the in-house facilities including up-to-date high-performance thermoforming and extrusion manufacturing equipment.

Currently, a fully integrated production cycle is developed at the enterprise, which comprises all the stages from the conceptualization and package design to the delivery of the end product to the Customer.

Korrex Company has always been following the principles of environmental protection. For the purpose of environmental compliance, a closed cycle manufacturing is employed, which entails non-waste production as well as allows package manufacturing with the use of the biodegradable polymeric materials.

Customized package project design based on the client’s individual requirements
Selection of the item to satisfy a customer’s request out of more than 600 forms of the mass produced products
Manufacturing of the polystyrene films having various characteristics and colors
The use of high-quality polymeric raw materials supplied by reliable partners
Production facilities that include more than 20 different thermoforming machines with the total capacity upward of 1 million items per day
Quality control carried out by our Quality Assurance unit over all the items produced
Continuous planned out shipments agreed with the customers and carriers, which allow to avoid freight handling delays
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