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Our Partners

Partners serve the guarantors of a quality product release. Korrex Company applies extra attention and higher standards to the selection of suppliers. All the suppliers, which are the companies with years of experience, are the leaders in the industry. Properly organized activities allow prearranging production, and thus, shipments, efficiently.

Our clients from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk, and also in the CIS, are provided with high-quality packaging materials, complying with all the up-to-date trends. Here is a list including just a few of our long-term partners and customers.



PJSC(PAO) Nizhnekamskneftekhim is one of the largest petrochemical companies in Europe, the leader in the production of synthetic rubbers and plastics in the Russian Federation. The Company is the part of TAIF Corporate Group. The main production facilities are located in the city of Nizhnekamsk, the Republic of Tatarstan. The Company was established in 1967.


O.M.G. Srl Company was founded not far from Torino city in Italy, where the manufacturing facilities of the Company are situated to this day. The Company has more than 50 years of experience and possesses expert knowledge in the field of thermoforming equipment and accessories production, as well as the manufacturing of packaging production lines. Advanced manufacturing technologies and the application of the newest computer-assisted technology have ensured the O.M.G. brand international fame and recognition from both small and large enterprises.

Клёкнер Пентапласт Рус
Klöckner Pentaplast Russia

Klöckner Pentaplast Russia, LLC (OOO), is a subsidiary of Klöckner Pentaplast GmbH & Co. Kg, Germany, which is an acknowledged leader in the world market of hard PVC films manufacturing. The annual output of the Company is more than 300 thousand tones. Since September 2001, their hard PVC film production was arranged in Saint-Petersburg. The products produced by Klöckner Pentaplast Russia, LLC(OOO), ensure the safety of packaging products and damage protection and also render them marketable state. PVC films are made of absolutely benign materials, do not contain flexibilizers, and conform with Russian standards applicable to the materials used for food packaging.


Winko Plastics CO., LTD, is a worldwide known enterprise specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling biaxially oriented polystyrene sheet material (BOPS sheets), which is a new type of polymeric eco-friendly packaging materials. The Company was established in 1992 headquartered in Shenzhen city, and their production site is currently registered in Shanghai as well. The enterprise possesses a range of certificates, among which the following can be distinguished: EU Food Safety Standard Certificate, OU Kosher certificate, ISO International Quality Certificate (ISO9001: 2008), and National Hi-tech Enterprise Authentication.

"Korrex is a serious partner with whom you can have a 360 ° business relationship. Each request is treated in a professional manner and adequate to the market need."
Roberto Fretta, President of "O.M.G. srl"
"In the course of our cooperation, the Korrex Company has proved itself as a reliable partner working in strict adherence to contractual conditions and completing our non-routine tasks."
S.V. Shipovalov, Chief Marketing Expert at Sverdlovskaya Poultry Farm, OJSC(OAO)
"Korrex is the partner you like to work with. There are no impossible tasks for the expert team of that enterprise. Promptness, flexibility, and proficiency – these are the basic principles of their work. They are the leaders in pushing forward the most groundbreaking ideas."
S.V. Suprun, Pyshminskaya Poultry Farm


"Мы не сможем решить наши проблемы на том уровне мышления, который их породил."
Альберт Энштейн, физик-теоретик
"Мы не сможем решить наши проблемы на том уровне мышления, который их породил."
Альберт Энштейн, физик-теоретик
"Мы не сможем решить наши проблемы на том уровне мышления, который их породил."
Альберт Энштейн, физик-теоретик
"Мы не сможем решить наши проблемы на том уровне мышления, который их породил."
Альберт Энштейн, физик-теоретик
Sladial, Confectionery Consortium

The company has existed for over 15 years, and it is engaged in the manufacturing of a wide variety of cookies, biscuits and marshmallow.

In 2014, they voluntarily achieved the ISO certification by Russian National Standards GOST R ISO 22000-2007 (Food Safety Management System), compliance with which should be approved on an annual basis. The factory is located in the city of Polevskoy of Sverdlovsk Region. At their production site, the cutting-edge technologies and equipment are implemented and exquisite raw materials and ingredients only are used in the process of confectionary manufacturing.


Hlebprom, OJSC(OAO), was founded in 1982. It is now one of the leading manufacturers of confectionery in the Russian market. There are over 4000 employees in the Company, four manufacturing facilities - in Noginsk, Krasnogorsk, Yartsevo, Chelyabinsk - and 32 offices all over Russia.

The products manufactured by the Company are represented by 15 brands, such as Mirel, Moy, Usladov, Russkaya Niva, Chastnaya Galereya, Merba, Carr’s, Tago, Jules Destrooper, Dr. Körner, Jr. Korner, ELMARINO, LaKukuruza, Dooti Donuts, and disposed via all major distribution networks in this country.

У Палыча
U Palycha

Since 1991, U Palycha trademark, has been gaining the leading positions in the field of high-quality food products manufacturing, sustaining a brand image of a reliable, honest company, the highest priority of which is to satisfy customers’ demand for tasty and healthy food. The Company guarantees the quality of each item released under the TM “U Palycha”.

Пышминская птицефабрика
Pyshminskaya Poultry Farm

The poultry farm was founded in 1968 in Onokhino village, and it is situated just a step away from the picturesque Pyshma river. Pyshminskaya, CJSC(ZAO), is a multiproduct agricultural enterprise in the south of Tyumen Region. In the end of the 80s, their specialization profile has been changed from the duck meat to chicken egg production. The last 7-8 years were marked by rapid growth of the farm. Specifically, grain production has increased tenfold; total egg production has quintupled - at that the poultry population doubled only; the range of their products has been broadened.


MISTERIYA is one of the top Russian companies in disposable tableware and packaging business. More than 25 years it is engaged in the manufacturing of disposable tableware, packaging, and cutlery.

MISTERIYA Company has current contractual agreements with the largest mass retailers and the experience in furnishing international events, which highlights their high professionalism and exceptional reliability.


Medin-N, LLC(OOO), is the leading in Russia manufacturer of surgical suture materials. Their core business lines are as follows: providing medical treatment facilities of Sverdlovsk Region and Russia with domestic suture materials; innovation activities - design and production of goods for different areas of medicine; strict quality control at all the stages of manufacturing; annual production ramp-up.

The Company’s mission is to provide medical treatment facilities of Russia and near-abroad countries with safe surgical suture materials that meet the European standards.

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